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  • Topics of discussion include: Regulatory compliance and standardization, as they relate to automation and LIMS Cannabis testing and the work RJ Lee Group is doing regarding cannabis lab auditing experience
  • Attend webcasts with top experts and interact with speakers during live Q&A sessions
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Featured Speakers
Register MAR 28, 2018 06:00 AM PDT
TOPIC: The accreditation suite for a cannabis lab -why 17025 is not enough
PRESENTED BY: Roger Brauninger - BioSafety Program Manager, American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
ABSTRACT: We will examine the positive relationship between the state governments who write and enforce cannabis regulations and the private sector working in this new industry. One area in particular is the testing laboratory, whose test results provide increased confidence on behalf of patients, consumers ... Read More
Register MAR 28, 2018 09:00 AM PDT
TOPIC: Sampling for Cannabis Testing
PRESENTED BY: Shawn Kassner - Senior Scientist at Neptune and Company, Inc.
ABSTRACT: Compliance testing is the key to getting your cannabis products to market. But also ensuring your product safety and label accuracy require not only good laboratory analyses, but consistent and representative sampling. After all, people are relying on this information! The biggest impact on ... Read More
Register MAR 28, 2018 10:30 AM PDT
TOPIC: Factors That Influence Label Accuracy - Who's to Blame?
PRESENTED BY: Catharine Layton - Senior Technical Application Chemist at Waters Corporation
ABSTRACT: As consumers in modern society, we have become accustomed to the purchase of foods and drugs that are safe and accurately labeled. This is a result of safeguards implemented by regulatory agencies put into place to protect consumer health. When it comes to cannabis commodities, these ... Read More
Register MAR 28, 2018 01:30 PM PDT
TOPIC: Leveraging Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to provide Standardization, Efficiency and Cost Savings
PRESENTED BY: Christine Paszko, PhD, MT (ASCP) - Vice President, Sales & Marketing Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.
ABSTRACT: In today’s modern laboratory, resources are often stretched as laboratories struggle to manage multiple priorities, meet regulatory requirements, and contain costs. This is especially true in Medicinal Cannabis testing laboratories in which it is very important to ensure high quality testing data is being generated ... Read More
Register MAR 29, 2018 06:00 AM PDT
TOPIC: Measurement of Pesticides in Cannabis
PRESENTED BY: Jeffrey Dahl, PhD - Applications Scientist at Shimadzu
ABSTRACT: Analysis of pesticides in cannabis is essential to protect the public health, especially medical cannabis patients. Sensitive and selective measurement is required in order to provide confident and reliable detection of low levels of chemical residues in the complex plant samples. In this presentation we demonstrate ... Read More
Register MAR 29, 2018 07:30 AM PDT
TOPIC: Better Science - Better Quality of Life
PRESENTED BY: Russ Cersosimo Jr. - Founder, Medical Cannabis Society and CEO, Miradati Technology
ABSTRACT: For 100 years the cannabis plant has been demonized, made illegal, and kept from researchers. Recently, states have begun to take the situation into their own hands, enabling patients to begin accessing it. With the country at 29 legalized states, it’s safe to say the tipping point has been reached and there ... Read More
Register MAR 29, 2018 09:00 AM PDT
TOPIC: ASTM International Committee D37 on Cannabis: The Road to Consensus Standards
PRESENTED BY: Robert Morgan - Director Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International
ABSTRACT: ASTM has been around for 120 years providing solutions using the expertise of industry stakeholders. 148 Technical committees are comprised of 30,000 industry stakeholders, representing industry, government and academia, from 175 countries around the world. ASTM provides open access and ... Read More
Register MAR 29, 2018 12:00 PM PDT
TOPIC: A Comprehensive Strategy for Residue Analysis in Cannabis and Industrial Hemp
PRESENTED BY: Rick Jordan - Laboratory Manager, Pacific Agricultural Laboratory
ABSTRACT: Pesticide residue screening is a pre-sale requirement for all states which have legalized the recreational or adult use of cannabis and cannabis related products. In the absence of guidance at the federal level, individual states are establishing testing requirements for residues to be monitored as well as ... Read More
Register MAR 29, 2018 01:30 PM PDT
TOPIC: Global Cannabis Regulation and Testing Standards
PRESENTED BY: Donald Land, PhD - Chief Scientific Consultant, Steep Hill Labs, Inc.
ABSTRACT: For a plant that has been medically legal in some states for over 20 years and recreationally legal in some states since 2014, there has been an attitude that “cannabis never killed anyone.” While we don’t have the necessary research to prove that the plant hasn’t killed anyone, we do have evidence that the  ... Read More
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