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Recommended Reading

Laboratory Information Management Systems
Second Edition
Revised and Expanded. 2001
Christine Paszko and Elizabeth Turner:
Marcel Dekker Publishers

US Food and Drug Administration; Office of Regulatory Affairs: Compliance, Science and Protection
CFR-21 part 11 (electronic signatures)

(GALP) Good Automated Laboratory Practices
PDFChapter 1
PDFChapter 2

Laboratory Automation in the Chemical Industries
Edited by David G. Cork and Tohru Sugawara
Marcel Deckker, Inc.

GALP Regulatory Handbook
Weinberg, Spelton & Sax, Inc.
CRC Press.
ISBN: 1-56670-025-6

Laboratory Information Management Systems, Development and Implementation for a Quality Assurance Laboratory
Mary Hinton
Marcel Deckker, Inc.

LIMS: Implementation and Management
A.S. Nakagawa
The Royal Chemistry Society
ISBN: 0 85186 824

LIMS: Applied Information Technology for the Laboratory
Richard R. Mahaffey
Van Nostrand Reinhold
ISBN: 0-442-31820-0

Laboratory Information Management Systems, Concepts, Integration, Implementation.
Robert D. McDowall:
Sigma Press/John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0-470-20947


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