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Is your lab performing at the speed and accuracy it needs in order to lead in Next Generation Sequencing and genomic comparisons revolution? We venture to say probably not.

Take a look at ATL's powerful SeqNFind software and hardware - a revolutionary genomic sequence analysis toolset for facilitating bioinformatics research in Next Generation Sequencing, Pipelined Microarray Analysis and Genomic Comparisons.

This powerful system provides the ability to compute complete solutions by pairing massively parallel commodity hardware with optimized algorithms to increase throughput with the goal of handling genomic comparison across thousands of genomes. 

A unique hardware-software solution tool, SeqNFind offers extreme speed, space and energy-savings by leveraging GPU technology (Graphic Processing Unit), which utilizes hundreds of cores, resulting in a 112-fold increase in the number of processors over a traditional CPU (Computer Processing Unit). 

SeqNFind is a powerful, flexible system that can be easily and affordably scaled to outperform clusters, resulting in significant time and electrical energy-savings, and - most importantly - dramatically improved accuracy.

Learn more by visiting the website, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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