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The responsibility to keep workers, families, and the community healthy and safe is no small feat. Whether your job is assessing air quality, lead exposure, hazardous agents such as asbestos, pesticides, and radon gas, radiation, or other public enemies, we have the tools to ensure your laboratory produces quality data in lightning speed.

Sample Master

New: ATL's Asbestos Module in Sample Master® Pro LIMS

Gain the Sample Master® advantage in your asbestos testing! Optimize your laboratory for success by leveraging Sample Master® to the areas of sample integrity, test efficiency, and reporting. Providing exceptional service to your customers is easier than ever when you use the right tools for the job.  ATL's Sample Master® streamlines your laboratory's operations, allowing you more time to focus on increasing your capacity and serving more customers.

To learn more about ATL's Sample Master® LIMS Asbestos Package, please download the latest brochure below. Learn how the Asbestos Package can save your laboratory time and money in streamlining your PLM, PCM and TEM analysis, validation and approval, automatically e-signing NVLAP compliant reports, generating and converting invoices to PDFs and automatically emailing them. The package includes a PCM calculator that contains automated alerts and automated calculations. The PLM function allows the insertion of layers during analysis, and copying and deleting layers as observations are made. Users can also depend on color coded alerts to let them know when they have reached 100% of the analysis component. TEM users can link images and also develop their own image libraries. Users can leverage automated label printing and barcodes to expedite accessioning and sample analysis, along with managing Standard Operating Procedures, employee training records, chemical inventory, customer specific limits and reporting requirements.

For additional information, please read our brochure.

There are also 10 other feature rich modules in Sample Master®  to help laboratories to create quotes, generate invoices, generate reports such as the Chain of Custody, login, backlog, production, worklist and many others. Users can also track samples with full barcode support, enter results, import results from instruments, record GPS coordinates, view limits, receive alerts when limits have been exceeded, manage QA/QC data, track chemical inventory, instrument maintenance, repairs, calibrations, manage employee training records, send reminder email reports when training is about to expire, manage customer complaints, track time and much more. Sample Master® not only helps laboratories to achieve their regulatory compliance goals (ISO 17025, A2LA, NELAC) but also meets the needs of laboratories that are members that have achieved certification through the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Laboratory Accreditation Programs.

Customer Sample Sequencer - The new Customer Sample Sequencer generates and assigns ID numbers for large sample batches. You can customize specific sample IDs or make them all the same. The Customer Sample Sequencer makes it easy to create your own Customer Sample IDs quickly.

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) - Your analysts can perform Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) tests and enter results into Sample Master® without having to look away from the microscope! The PCM Calculator automatically totals the number of fibers, fields, and the average fibers per field. When 100 fibers are counted in at least 20 fields an audible tone sounds to notify the analyst that this rule has been met - minimizing your analysis time and increasing productivity in the laboratory.

Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) - Equipping your laboratory with a reliable and versatile LIMS provides essential benefits. Our PLM data entry screen allows users to add, copy, insert, and delete layers on the fly. Our quick search feature - available on all entry fields - provides drop-down lists for even faster input. You can also duplicate an entire sample from any previously entered sample in the system, layer-for-layer. Sample Master® performs your prerequisite calculations in real-time; this approach leaves no room for guesswork about how much sample you have remaining. Your analysts can view and modify microscopic observations associated with fibers identified in the sample. The analysts can even preview reports created from their data with a click of a button. You won't need to hunt for these features; every feature mentioned here can be found on the same screen!

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) - Whether you're entering AHERA samples or testing for asbestos in water, our TEM data entry screens are intuitive and user friendly. You can set default information for filter size, magnification, area of grid opening, and other options in order to streamline analysis time. As you enter and identify asbestos fibers, useful drop down lists become available. The analyst can easily enter information not available in the drop down lists. Sample Master® also adds up and totals the number of fibers and fiber dimensions. You can upload asbestos images directly from the instrument or from a hard drive so they appear on the entry screen. Users can configure the system to suit their needs.

Asbestos Report Package - The module includes 10 canned Asbestos reports, including Bulk Asbestos Fiber analysis by Polarized Light Microscopy, with and without Point count results, airborne Asbestos Fiber analysis TEM report (AHERA and NIOSH) and a TEM benchsheet. Also included are an Asbestos in Water and settled dust by TEM final analysis report. All reports are available for modifications and users can also import their company logo to configure reports to meet their specific needs. 

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Here at ATL, we automate your laboratory by providing reliable software with dependable support.  Inquire about the new Asbestos Module in Sample Master® today or sign up for a free demonstration. To reach a sales representative call toll free in the US or Canada 800.565.LIMS (5467) or 1.910.673.8165 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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