Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Creator
ATL's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Discharge Monitoring Report Creator allows users to rapidly generate the NPDES DMR form from data stored in or exported from the LIMS. This reporting package includes functions to collect and collate data associated with the NPDES permit number into a final report format that is able to send via hardcopy, fax or e-mail.
 Learn more about our NPDES.

XL BOD Master™
XL BOD Master is an Excel based software tool that will automatically calculate and report the BOD/CBOD results in seconds, based on standard methods criteria. The software will flag any data that is not within acceptable limits and will complete all required calculations. It is user friendly and can easily be used by laboratory personnel and operators with minimal training in order to provide enhanced data integrity and security. Integrate into the LIMS for automated data management, or purchase as a stand-alone solution.  

1D and 2D Bar Coding
Bar Coding offers many benefits for the laboratory: not only does it automate data entry processes for increased productivity, it also provides consistency and reduces transcription errors which results in higher quality data.
 Learn more about 1D Barcoding and 2D Barcoding.


A freezer information, tracking and storage management system that can be interfaced with our data management solutions, FreezerMate is a comprehensive, secure, user-friendly, web based solution for biobanking, capable of handling a wide variety of stored materials including biological, chemical or manufactured samples.


ScreenIT MQPS (Manufacturing Quality Process Solution) is an analytical data management program ideal for manufacturing and process control laboratories. It offers unparalleled flexibility that allows users to create comprehensive custom functions, forms and reports to meet your quality process testing requirements.



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