ELN Configuration and Customization

The ELN will be very familiar to laboratory users that have expertise with Excel. The ATL-SciCord Electronic Laboratory Notebook is organized into spreadsheet-like templates that can be managed with tabs similar to Microsoft Excel, so that users can very quickly begin to become familiar with the ELN and the configuration. The layout and organization of each workbook tab is completely configurable which minimizes the need for costly programing. A set of standard templates are included and additional custom templates can be created to meet our client’s unique needs.

The configuration is straightforward and our subject matter experts work with your staff to ensure that templates are properly configured to meet your laboratory’s dynamic needs.  We define configuration as tailoring the ELN solution by utilizing the ELN system’s tools and setting up the templates. These tasks that do notrequire any programming.  Examples of configuration tasks include: the definition of user profiles, security levels, templates, metadata, workflows, naming conventions, etc.  We define customization as modifying of the ELN throughprogramming. Examples of customization include: the development of new functionality, extension of system functions, and interfaces to instruments as well as other systems.

Best practices dictates that when implementing an informatics solution such as an LIMS or ELN that the amount of customization be minimized whenever possible in order to maximize long term supportability of the system.  Therefore, we design our solutions to be highly configurable to minimize the need for any programming. Intimate knowledge and expertise in the capabilities, features, and tools of the particular ELN system being implemented is critical to your project’s success.


How we can help you configure and customize your ELN

ATL-SciCord has expertise and knowledge of various industries and are creating a template library that we can leverage for all of our clients.  Our goal is to always accomplish this without requiring large scale reengineering of your processes.  We will actively engage all key stakeholders (managers, supervisors, scientists, IT, QA, etc.) to effectively manage the change that any additional configuration or customization of your ELN will cause.  By leveraging this approach we have found that getting buy-in helps to more rapidly gain acceptance and high levels of adoption for the new software technology and tools, translating into a faster Return on Investment. Our solutions are highly available, validated, configurable and easily scalable, as we leverage the Azure Cloud.

Deliverables Include:

ELN Deliverables

  • Business Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Design Specification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Plan/Execution/Report
  • Requirements Testing Matrix
  • Installation Report
  • Summary Report

Plug and Play Template Deliverables

  • Combined Requirements & Design Specification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Plan/Execution/Report
  • Requirements Testing Matrix
  • Summary Report


Benefits derived from ATL-SciCord configuration and customization of ELN

We work alongside our partners to ensure that we have a solid understanding of the business needs, workflows and regulatory requirements to ensure that our ELN system is efficiently configured and customized by ATL-SciCord to continually exceed our customer’s expectations.  The delivered laboratory information systems have met all requirements, increased effectiveness, productivity, collaboration, data sharing, and quality while facilitating rapid adoption and utilization rates.  Additionally, with over two decades of expertise, diverse laboratory informatics knowledgebase which we effectively leveraged to optimize the configuration of our customer’s ELN solution while minimizing operational changes and disruption to the day to day business. For users with Compliance and/or Intellectual Property interests, the use of the ATL-SciCord ELN has many advantages.It provides a more secure environment over its paper counterpart, because it can limit the access to the data based on profiles and permissions. It also provides a written record of actions and all required traceability in one complete integrated solution. 

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