ELN Enhancements

Laboratories are dynamic environments and one thing that is constant is change. New processes, workflows, or business units are a few of the ever-changing factors which influences clients to implement our base ELN solution. After eliminating hardbound notebooks by keeping laboratory records electronically, clients wish to further enhance laboratory efficiency and compliance. ELN templates provide plug and play extensions like adding apps to a cell phone, and it is not uncommon to work with clients to provide new or enhance existing ELN templates to respond to business changes.

As a laboratory’s needs evolve, users see the potential for increased efficiency, compliance, or perhaps addition of new laboratory functional groups such as metrology; but many laboratories may not have the internal resources to complete all the tasks in a timely manner. Having access to ATL-SciCord expert resources, to quickly and effectively complete and validate the work, is key to maximizing productivity and profitability. Our subject matter experts can provide requirement gathering support, as well as creation of new templates along with implementation and training support. The end product is appropriate technology being shared with other sections of the laboratory, or expanded within the laboratory.

Why ATL-SciCord ELN?

Manages both structured and unstructured data Highly configurable, on-demand template creation
Allows global teams to collaborate and share data  Powerful replacement of unsecure paper notebooks
GxP Compliant – paperless compliance Increased productivity and reduction in workload
Publish work to PDF or Word formats  Searchable content - Leverage LIMS features            

ELN Enhancements that have been developed and implemented include:

  • Integrating laboratory instruments with simple and complex workflows
  • Integration with standalone and enterprise applications
  • Adding sophisticated calculations which can be automatically or manually executed
  • Creating custom templates to accommodate new lines of business or new workflows
  • New user feature requests and customizations

We work with our clients to enhance their ELN

We have a multidisciplinary team with both laboratory and IT expertise, which allows us to understand our client’s unique needs and assist in completing projects on time and on budget. There are many benefits from implementing updates and enhancements to your ELN, from automating new or additional workflows and creating new templates, to integrating new instrumentation. Once our clients understand the time and cost savings through automating mundane tasks, they often look to other areas of their laboratory operations to implement automation. By fully leveraging their LIMS and ELN solutions, clients increase data quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

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