ATL-SciCord ELN Training

Training is critical to the successful adoption of your ELN solution.  Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) ELN and LES vendors will generally offer a series of training programs based on the functions of the system.  This type of training is usually designed for super users and system administrators rather than end users.  Moreover, the training materials utilized and the training courses themselves will be based on a generic system, not your implemented system that has been configured and/or customized to meet your specific needs.

How we can help train your ELN users

ATL-SciCord experts have a long, successful track record in the preparation of customized, role-based laboratory system training materials and classes. We understand that not all people learn the same way; for some, self-paced training programs are ideal, some prefer one-on-one training, and others excel in formal classroom training. Because of these differences, we tailor our training offerings to provide a combination of programs to meet our clients' needs, from tutorials, to blended e-learning, to interactive web sessions, to one-on-one and formal classroom settings.

Our expertise in laboratory informatics coupled with our industry, domain, and laboratory knowledge, ensures that your ELN training material and classes will be designed, developed, and delivered to optimize your solution’s adoption and utilization rate.

 Deliverables Include:

  • Role-Based Training Courses
  • Customized Training Materials
  • Persisted Training Environment
  • Video Training Tutorials

Benefits derived from ATL-SciCord training services

With years of training expertise, we are well poised to ensure that training is delivered by system experts, not third party providers that may or may not be as familiar with our ELN solution. We will quickly and effectively work with you to understand and document your needs in the event that custom configuration or instrument integration is required. Our team will also create detailed requirement documents that will serve as a blueprint for the execution of the coding, followed by verification testing, documentation, and delivery. Our goal is your organization’s success, and is measured by not only meeting customer expectations and requirements, but also by providing tools that allow your scientists and stakeholders to increase productivity and efficiency.

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