Leveraging open architecture and comprehensive automation for laboratories of any size, Sample Master® accelerates accurate reporting, multiplies productivity, increases operational efficiency, and provides unparalleled data security

TITAN® represents the next generation in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). TITAN® builds upon almost two decades of laboratory informatics expertise to define a new standard in the LIMS world.
Getting started with Result Point® couldn’t be easier. All you need is access to the Internet. You can easily set your customers up with a Result Point® account and they will be able to access their data 24/7.

Industries We Serve

The responsibility of keeping workers, families, and the community healthy and safe is no small feat. Whether your job is assessing air quality, lead exposure, hazardous agents like asbestos, pesticides, radon gas, radiation, or other public enemies, we have the laboratory software to ensure your lab produces quality data in lightning speed.

Industrial Hygiene

With consumers becoming more savvy about the materials and ingredients in the products they use, it's up to your plant to gather complete and accurate information in order for consumers to purchase with confidence. ATL's LIMS for consumer product manufacturers provides the tools needed to conduct analysis, manage and report data to satisfy even the most demanding product tests.


Been exploring for a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution that can better manage data, samples, testing, reporting and real-time monitoring? Put ATL on your crew. Our LIMS for the energy sector gives labs a truly user-friendly, reliable and scalable data-management and reporting solution - exactly what your company needs to power up to new levels of profitability.


When your lab manages a myriad of data - from DNA evidence to police reports to toxicology -the integrity of that data is of the utmost importance. You must have in place a LIMS solution you can count on. ATL's LIMS software for forensics environment is precisely that solution. Let us make the case that our flexible, reliable and secure solution is right for your lab.


SeqNFind® is a powerful tool suite that addresses the need for complete and accurate alignments of many small sequences against entire genomes utilizing a unique hardware/software cluster system for facilitating bioinformatics research in Next Generation sequencing and genomic comparisons.


Under pressure to do more with less budget? Your lab is not alone. Across the globe, analytical labs are being asked to provide better analysis and faster reporting in an increasingly budget-conscious business environment. ATL's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software is just the tool your lab needs to accomplish the impossible - produce quality, accurate analysis while keeping the corporate bean-counters happy.


Where does your lab rank in the food chain? With critical issues surrounding food quality and safety a primary concern, your lab better be at the top. Our LIMS software for the food and beverage industry provide your business with the speed it needs to perform analysis quickly, and the tracking and reporting features required in an intensely regulated industry and litigious society.

Food and Beverage

The producers of potable water are under increasing demands to meet the needs of an exploding global population. ATL specializes in providing the tools and support water and wastewater labs needs to analyze samples, manage data and provide custom reporting - all to help meet the world's thirst for clean drinking water.

Water and Wastewater

Is your lab performing at the speed it needs in order to lead in Next Generation Sequencing and genomic comparisons? We venture to say probably not. Take a look at how ATL's powerful SeqNFind® tool suite can provide your lab with the power and efficiency to address complete and accurate alignments of many small sequences against entire genomes.

Biotechnology, CRO and Healthcare

As a laboratory, your reputation rides on - and your clients' businesses depend on - your ability to manage multiple sample-types and sources and produce accurate reports for regulatory compliance. ATL's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software for environmental testing labs streamlines processes, shortens turnaround time and takes the headaches out of reporting.


If your lab is suffering with the headache of managing large amounts of data, complex batch management and regulatory requirements, ATL's tools for managing pharma laboratory environments is the cure. Our solution offers speedy relief to the challenges of supporting diverse data sets, varying workflows, nagging deadlines, and tight budgets


With pressures on the world's food growers to increase yields more efficiently, deliver them further and get them to the market faster, it helps to have a capable platform beneath your team. ATL's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software for the agriculture industry provides a robust set of tools to help food-growers keep pace with consumers' ever-changing tastes.

Agriculture & Farming

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