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This enhancement is a powerful Excel add-in, it allows lab professionals to transfer data from an Excel worksheet to Sample Master LIMS, and to populate Excel sheet with data from the LIMS.  ExcelExpress saves time spent on manual entry, while eliminating transcription errors. Users can quickly and easily create bench sheets and reports needed for compliance.

New features in version 2.0 include improved sample matching, addition of sample collection time to allow for multiple samples on a given date, the ability to update sample information, and time zone correction for SaaS installation with geographically dispersed remote servers.

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Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Creator

ATL’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Discharge Monitoring Report Creator allows users to rapidly generate the NPDES DMR form from data stored in or exported from the LIMS. This reporting package includes functions to collect and collate data associated with the NPDES permit number into a final report format that is able to send via hardcopy, fax or e-mail.

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1D and 2D Barcoding

Barcoding offers many benefits for the laboratory: not only does it automate data entry processes for increased productivity, it also provides consistency and reduces transcription errors which results in higher quality data.

  Learn more about 1D Barcoding and 2D Barcoding.

Monitor Plus: Wireless Environment Monitoring 

This enhancement combines a wireless, portable, intelligent sensor with ATL’s TITAN® and Sample Master® LIMS providing laboratories with a total paperless automation solution. Monitor Plus has the capability to collect temperature, light, humidity, and pressure and transmit these readings to your personal web portal.

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