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Whether investing in a new LIMS or replacing an existing system, our team of professionals will help transition your business to the next level of data automation and efficiency. 

Our experienced team can provide the following services:

Needs Assessments

The needs assessment process is crucial to long term success. Our experts assist with defining the business and technical requirements, which serves as a valuable road map to successful implementation, and helps avoid potential pitfalls. For more information, download the Needs Assessment Datasheet.


Every laboratory varies in size and complexity. We have installed our software in small laboratories with five end-users as well as in multi-site laboratories with hundreds of users. We work closely with each client to prepare a solution that supports specific business objectives and operations.

ATL LIMS and Laboratory Automation Consulting Services

Installation Services

We recognize that business cannot stop during the installation and implementation of a new data automation system. Therefore, ATL project engineers and account managers work diligently with each client to prepare a comprehensive, realistic plan that will be least interruptive to day to day operations, which results in the most efficient execution possibly.

Instrument and Enterprise Integration

ATL offers users the ability to integrate our products with numerous analytical instruments as well as portable handheld units. We have created a library of over 450 instrument parsers that convert output files to a format that can be viewed, validated and approved, and we continue to add instruments as they become available. In addition, our products integrate with various enterprise applications such as ERP, SAP, and accounting packages including JD Edwards, Great Plains, Quickbooks, Peachtree and more. The Northwest Analytical’s SPC software technology can also be integrated, providing the ability to create SPC charts that include Capability Histogram, Pareto, Regression, Run Charts, Scatter Diagrams and Variable Charts.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and together we’ll make it happen.