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Welcome to ATL’s TITAN® iMobile

Scientist taking samples of data in the field and reporting back to the lab with TITAN iMobile
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Businesses and organizations continually search for ways to reduce costs, increase service, and remain competitive. Those organizations performing laboratory analysis and/or QA testing, either in the field or simply away from computer access, will benefit from the improved data quality, elimination of paper forms, and rapid logging of sample data that comes with the use of ATL’s iMobile Application for  TITAN LIMS. ATL iMobile is a web application that leverages Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G technology to facilitate real-time collection and delivery of test data back to the LIMS.

“I love iMobile… now I know how much time it was taking me to enter data. I have so much more time now…”

– J.T., Field Collector, LBWD

“Faster entering of field data gives me better visual control on my work flow”

– A. F., Field Collector, LBWD

Using Smart Phones and Tablets, organizations can:

  • Conduct sample login at the point of activity
  • Collect, access and evaluate critical information instantly
  • Generate an electronic chain of custody
  • Automatically Log GIS coordinates
  • Document images

Many of the default features in the ATL iMobile Application are user-configurable. This allows the customer to configure the application to meet organizational needs and facilitate rapid turn-around of results for clients.

ATL’s iMobile Application for TITAN

  • Easily retrieves pre-logins from the LIMS, along with relevant project information
  • Runs on qualified mobile devices with an outward-facing browser
    • Apple iPhone and iPad
    • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
    • Microsoft Surface Pro
    • Google Nexus
    • Motorola Droid Razr
  • Is seamlessly integrated with TITAN

Operational Excellence

  • Increases productivity by decreasing redundant administrative tasks
  • Eliminates paper forms manually completed in field
  • Accelerates information transfer and minimizes transcription errors
  • Improves efficiency and enhances data quality
  • Allows data caching for locations without access to a Wi-Fi or cellular signal
  • Users can create new sample logins on the fly
  • Automatically jumps to sampling locations when collector is within 100 feet

 For more information, please download our brochure.