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Successful businesses are always concerned with maximizing resources, improving processes, and increasing profits. For busy laboratories, automation can help. ATL has led hundreds of clients through the design and implementation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to positively affect their bottom lines.

To see how a LIMS can save you money, it is important to evaluate how your laboratory performs the Basics of Sample Tracking, Data Entry, Data Review, and Reporting. Examine your processes and identify your Pain Pointshow much time is being wasted?

Automation can help eliminate your pain points in tangible, quantifiable ways. Added functionality listed below results in higher sample throughput and improved resource utilization=cost savings:

  • Barcoding
  • Specification limit checking
  • Instrument and external database integration
  • Automated calculations
  • Monthly report automation
  • Standard traceability and inventory control

Some features bring intangible benefits—improved cost efficiencies that are difficult to quantify, but nonetheless significant. These include:

  • Increased job satisfaction leading to higher productivity and quality
  • Less manual data entry, redundancy, and errors
  • Better Sample Tracking and Control
  • Automation of EDDs
  • Work from home option, lowering overhead
  • Mobile “App” Field collection capabilities to streamline sample collection
  • Customer Portal to provide customers 24/7 access to their data
  • Systems to automate temperature monitoring 24/7
  • Compliance considerations—inventory traceability and management, training, CAPA

You can easily determine the return on investment (ROI) for your LIMS-related expense by listing your pain points and determining the amount of time lost for each. Then calculate the reduction in labor resulting from the LIMS. Discuss this with stakeholders, ensuring that you include tangible and intangible benefits. Weigh the cost savings resulting from the improvements against the cost of the proposed solution. Implement and see the cost savings!

Let us know how a LIMS has created cost efficiencies for your lab in the comments.


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