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Service Pack offers New Features and Enhancements for Sample Master® Workstation v10.5.0

As part of our strong commitment to superior support, ATL delivers Service Packs to users to fix issues and add new features to our LIMS software. The latest Service Pack includes enhancements and improvements for the Chemical Inventory module in Sample Master®.

We’ve added new features for improved traceability and tracking.

  • Traceability: Enhanced ability to track the use of Supplies and Instruments by Tests used in Worklists, Prep Batches, QC Batches, or Results Entry.
  • Ability to track:
    • Custody, Chemical, Physical, Regulatory and Safety information on Supplies, including HAZMAT, HMIS and NFPA information.
    • All transactional information on individual supply items in the laboratory, including receipt/creation, custody, usage and disposal of supplies.
    • Storage Locations for Supplies.

There is also a new MonitorPlus integration to retrieve and graph results from Elemental Machines, providing real-time temperature monitoring with alerts to your cell phone. Not only does this provide affordable security and peace of mind, but it also provides full regulatory compliance and is 100% automated, saving your laboratory resources.

Several requests for new features by our users have been addressed in updates and new versions. These relate to chemical inventory, scheduling, parameters, and result entry.

Service Packs are part of ATL’s secure online support that provides access to a wealth of product knowledge. Users may download them, and also access our knowledge base and white papers from our secure Web support area. This site also provides access to Frequently Asked Questions, the user bulletin board, and breaking news. Service Packs are included with Gold Level Support or higher.

ATL is known for our excellent support. We listen to our users and incorporate your feedback, for continuous improvement. If you use Sample Master® LIMS, you know this to be true. If you don’t, why not?


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