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ATL will See You in the Lab of the Future

The term “lab of the future” is one we see often lately.  What is the vision for technology that will revolutionize the way labs operate?

Following is an excerpt from an article in Technology Networks Informatics by Lee Baker.

What is the Lab of the Future? 

The term “lab of the future” is a collective name for the technologies that will feature and enable the next generation of researchers. Let’s take a look at how the lab will run.

In the lab of the future, data collection will be enabled by plug-and-play devices within the internet of things in semi-autonomous lab processes. All data and metadata yielded from analysis and experimentation will feed directly from instruments and researchers into a single, managed data ecosystem, which will become the indelible record and remain available for further analysis.

Automation and robotics will handle all samples, chemicals and equipment. Sensors will record lab activity and ensure supply of reagents and samples, empowering scientists to work on their area of expertise – research and adding value.

The lab of the future will integrate virtual and physical technology, and may be shared between teams and across organizations, both in person and remotely.

Visualization tools, like augmented reality, will enhance what researchers see with digital information, such as safety procedures and batch numbers.

Supply chain issues will be predicted and resolved automatically by machine learning models, and systems tasked with delivering specific results to improve their performance, becoming more efficient as they go.

The lab of the future will also have much greater regard for sustainability, efficiency of the lab and of energy, and will source environmentally responsible products made with fewer toxic materials.

 LIMS, Laboratory Automation, sensors, and ELNs are critical tools in the lab of the future. So, one thing is certain– ATL will be there, providing cutting-edge automation, mobile solutions, and next-generation thinking to enable our users to succeed.

Read the complete article here.

What would you like to see in the Lab of the Future?


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