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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers classes in LIMS and Information Systems, free of charge and eligible for CPU hours.

You may not be aware that the CDC offers introductory laboratory informatics training classes. The Introduction to Laboratory Information series curriculum consists of three classes: Introduction to Laboratory informatics: Life of a Specimen; Introduction to Laboratory Informatics: Life of a Result; and Introduction to the LIMS and Other Information Systems.

The Life of a Specimen class presents the rules and processes of laboratory informatics. It covers the role of personnel in the laboratory, informatics processes, data quality and standards, and information flow as it relates to samples moving through the lab. Course objectives include identifying what lab informatics is, who plays a role and their purpose, sequence of data, information flow, and importance of data quality and standards. It also discusses the differences between a LIMS and LIS.

Life of a Result is designed for those interested in the role and importance of informatics to the operation of the lab. Learning objectives include identifying where and how data and results are stored, recognizing how data and results are transmitted, and identifying paths that data and results can follow and their impacts.

Introduction to the LIMS, provides an overview of laboratory information systems, including functionality, interoperability, and regulations and standards. Objectives include identifying core functions and features of LIMS, identifying systems that can interface with LIMS, identifying steps for LIMS implementation.

As part of our commitment to LIMS and analytical scientists, ATL would like to share this information with you, in case you have newer members of staff that need a general understanding of LIMS and its function.

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