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Hosted LIMS Secure Data and Prevent Cyberattacks for Municipalities

Recent news stories have recounted several instances of data breaches leading to the destruction of valuable data and unauthorized access to personal information, especially in the public sector. To protect your organization, you need to store your data securely with proven solutions and processes. A hosted LIMS can help.

Working closely with the water industry for more than 25 years, ATL is keenly aware of the importance of protecting data associated with local utilities. City governments/municipalities have more at stake, as they house not only employee data, but also data for all residents in the service area purposes. Tens of thousands of citizens are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

A recent incident affected nearly 30,000 City of Dallas employees, former employees, and their relatives. Names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical information, and other details were exposed and possibly downloaded. Unfortunately, this was the second cyberattack the City of Dallas experienced. And without a backup database to allow a restore, the situation became more complicated.

A hosted LIMS can help avert these disasters. Hosting your LIMS in the cloud means that your data is backed up, secured, and monitored. You can quickly restore affected data, minimizing disruptions to operations. Alerts notify you of suspicious network activity, so you can respond appropriately. Automated system functions remind administrators to manage passwords and update operating systems—two significant areas of vulnerability.

Danger from a cyberattack is ALWAYS present. Is your data safe? Do you need a hosted LIMS?


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