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ATL is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified firm with over two decades of laboratory informatics expertise. Together with TITAN® LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), the ATL-SciCord ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) completes the Enterprise Laboratory Platform product suite. The ATL-SciCord ELN is a workflow and experiment driven software application designed to give laboratory scientists the ultimate platform to electronically document their experiments. This includes relevant scientific content, unstructured Meta data, observations, instrument results, and attachments such as spectra, and chromatograms. For users with compliance and/or intellectual property interests, the use of the ELN has many advantages.First, it provides a more secure environment over its paper counterpart because it can limit the access to the data based on profiles and permissions. It also provides a written record of actions and all required traceability. The ELN integrates secure mechanisms such as time stamps and digital signatures on sensitive actions that cannot be changed. Consequently, it is possible to prove the date/time and personnel working on specific experiments. Finally, the electronic format helps to avoid readability problems which you can often see with handwritten or scanned documents.

Powerful combination LIMS ELN

 unique attribute of the ELN is the way in which it works leveraging user’s expertise with spreadsheets and the integration with TITAN® LIMS. This allows any data within LIMS to be exchanged with the ELN. Integrating ELN and LIMS products from different suppliers has significant practical challenges and limitations, and very often requires the creation of a costly and highly customized interface to achieve even simple data exchange. The benefit of ATL-SciCord ELN is the comprehensive interface that exists inherently between the two systems, and the simplicity by which all LIMS data and LIMS functionality can easily be shared and leveraged from within either environment. A few examples of items that can easily be accessed via the ELN include are Quality Control data, SOPs, version controlled test and specification definition, Instrument Management, Document Management, Standards, & Reagents, Analyst Certification, Customer & Supplier Management, Inventory Management, Laboratory Management, User Roles, and Group Security.

The ATL-SciCord Electronic Laboratory Notebook is organized into spreadsheet-like templates that can be managed with tabs similar to Microsoft Excel. The layout and organization of each workbook tab is completely configurable. A set of standard templates are included and additional custom templates can be created to meet our client’s unique needs.

ATL-SciCord ELN also provides built-in out of the box capability to capture data from laboratory instruments. For instruments that use a computerized data system, SciCord ELN provides the ability to parse the data contained in reports produced by the data system, and to directly enter that data into the ELN. Instruments such as analytical balances, pH meters, and titration instruments may be directly connected using an RS-232 communications link over a secure network in the cloud. In addition to directly connected instruments and file based instrument data systems, ATL-SciCord also offers advanced integration modules that seamlessly interface to systems like Waters Empower and Agilent OpenLab, chromatography data systems, providing a functionally rich environment, eliminating transcription errors, and increasing productivity.

For laboratories that work on GMP samples, ATL-SciCord ELN offers comprehensive laboratory execution system capability for guided execution of standardized testing methods. Non-programmers can build workflows that comprise a test execution method, including definition of successful completion of a step or section.  Test execution methods are version controlled, enabling them to be linked with the appropriate version of the SOP document.

Compliance limits or checks can be associated with any data input in the procedure. This ensures that checkpoints inserted at the conclusion of any step in the method are able to prevent the method from continuing if there is a significant deviation from procedure.

ATL-SciCord’s Electronic Laboratory Notebook offers the unique combination of ease of use for experiment automation and procedure control. This makes the ELN the perfect laboratory management software solution for both research, manufacturing, and quality control settings.

ELN Implementation Services

ATL-SciCord ELN professional services team offers a variety of services to ensure a successful deployment.Our team has over 20 year’s expertise in successful deployment Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and Laboratory Execution System (LES). Our laboratory informatics consultants each have extensive expertise. Many have worked in and managed laboratories, have knowledge of informatics systems, science, various industries, IT, and regulatory expertise.  This combination of skills uniquely positions ATL-SciCord to be able to successfully implement, enhance, extend, and integrate your ELN solution on time and within budget while meeting both the users’ and business’ requirements needs. Our approach leads to a solution with high utilization and adoption rate. 

ELN Services offered by ATL- SciCord Include:

  • ELN Project Management
  • Complete System Implementation
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Instrument Integration
  • Enhancements
  • Training