ELN Complete System Implementation

Implementing an ELN can be accomplished utilizing several different approaches; however, a phased approach is generally the most common.  When implementing an ELN via a phased approach, each step along the path should be designed to yield increasing value and benefits for an organization.  In order to realize these gains the level of structure within the ELN will need to be increased.  This is accomplished by designing and adding templates, configuring and managing metadata, workflows, and process automations as well as through the establishment of standardized data vocabularies.

Additionally, expanding the ELN’s capabilities in successive phases will also increase the value and benefit to your organization.  Examples of popular ELN capabilities that ATL-SciCord has implemented include:

  • Standards & Reagents Management
  • Instrument Calibration & Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Batch Records
  • Integration of Systems to the ELN
    • SDMS / EDMS
    • LIMS
  • Interfacing of Instruments to the ELN
    • Chromatography Data Systems (HPLC, UPLC, LC/MS, etc.) Waters Empowers
    • Balance: Sartorius, Mettler, Ohaus
    • pH Meters, Calipers
    • Moisture: Tiamo, Mitsubishi, Metrohm
    • Chromatography: Empower, Agilent/ECM
    • Bulk Density: GeoPyc
    • Conductivity, pH: Mettler
    • Surface Measurement: DVS Advantage
    • Particle Size: Sympatec
    • Various: FD-10, FT-IR
    • Etc.


Is ELN Configuration Required?

ELN is designed to be useful out of the box, providing the basics for documenting laboratory work, with plug and play templates that can easily be configured.  For many labs, ELN can be enhanced to deliver additional efficiency and compliance benefits.  These benefits are derived from tight instrument interfaces, structured data, processes tailored to the organization, and LIMS management facilities.  Your organization can benefit from our expert configuration services so that your users can be operational and productive very quickly.

Customer Testimonials

Validated Solution “In our industry, and having a fully validated ELN system that is also flexible and easy to use, saved our organization valuable time”

Tangible Benefits "For analytical science the most immediate benefits to workflows are the elimination of repetitive data entry, simplified data status, review and approval, and streamlined data extraction and export. These operational improvements yield very significant increases to productivity at every step from sample to lab tests to data extraction, analysis and reporting."

Organizational Benefit "A well-designed and implemented ELN system provides tangible gains in operational performance and the intangible benefits of data quality, knowledge sharing, knowledge retention and IP protection."

Compliance "Quality is improved by the direct recording of many test measurements, the elimination of paper to spreadsheet data transcription, the elimination of calculation errors and a systematic review and approval workflow with a unified approval trail.”

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