Instrument Integration to ELN

An important automation feature of the ATL-SciCord ELN is the ability to integrate your instruments, eliminating the need for manual re-entry of data or cutting and pasting, which are tedious and can introduce errors. A few of the benefits of integrating your instruments with the ELN include enhanced data quality, higher throughput, increased productivity, effectiveness and innovation. This also contributes to having a streamlined laboratory workflow for maximum resource utilization. Instrument integration is one of the key best practices in laboratory automation and typically have a very rapid return on investment that is accelerated as the sample volume increases.

How our team works with our clients to integrate your instruments to our ELN

We have interfaced with over 550 different types of instruments, and are constantly adding new instruments to our library. We also have expertise with numerous middleware solutions that some of our customers have in place and wish to leverage. Before we begin the integration, we complete a requirements document that clearly defines the integration. This document is reviewed by the client and once approved, it goes to development. The integration can be a simple one one-way data transfer to a more complex workflow driven multi-step integration, based on the client’s needs and the instrument capabilities.


Instrument interface (parsing specific instrument data and recording in a document/notebook) is integrated with a template.  Example: A Moisture meter interface is documented within a Moisture/KF template. 

The documentation set is same as templates:

  • Combined Requirements & Design Specification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Plan/Execution/Report
  • Requirements Testing Matrix
  • Summary Report

Benefits derived from interfacing laboratory instruments to ATL-SciCord ELN

The time and cost savings with our integration solutions are significant. All too often, laboratories delay instrument integration, when this should be the first item in the automation plan, based solely on the quality enhancements and costs savings. Our customers have realized streamlined workflows, time savings, IP Protection, Data security, increased productivity, rapid user adoption and deployment rates. The added ability to manage all laboratory data such as images, client supplied documentation, SOPs, chromatographs, truly eliminates mundane tasks and provides traceability for enhanced communication across the organization. Eliminating time wasters allows scientist to focus on the work at hand, accelerating productivity and allowing more time for discovery.

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