Welcome to Result Point®

From the minute your clients' samples are received into your laboratory, Result Point® gives your clients' up-to-the-minute access to job information right from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, including:

  • Complete Sample Status Information
  • Online Chain-of-Custody Documents
  • Immediate Access to Test Results as they Become Available
  • Historical Data Query
  • Online Final Reports with Signatures
  • Billing Information (invoices can be automatically attached)
  • Auto-Email Notification/Reports
  • Electronic Deliverables on Demand (EDD's)
What's more, many of the default features in Result Point® are user-configurable. This allows you to configure Result Point® to meet your client's needs (special reports, custom EDDs, etc.) and get your clients' the information they need even faster.

"Result Point® allows our customers from all over the state to securely track specimens, access the status of the testing, and download the final PDF report 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This tool has greatly reduced our operating costs, improved productivity, and enhanced data quality as well as customer satisfaction. Prior to Result Point®, we were fielding many sample status calls, re-sending reports and printing over a thousand reports daily. We are now down to 40-100 reports daily for those that require a hard copy. This has resulted in significant time and cost savings for the State Health Laboratory."

-Dr. J.R., Deputy Director, SC Dept. of Health and Environmental Control, Bureau of Laboratories

"Result Point® has allowed those in our organization direct, secure access to validated and approved water quality LIMS data as soon as it becomes available, and has considerably facilitated data-sharing across our organization, giving plant managers, engineers and our partners direct data access."

-Dr. M.D., Laboratory Manager, City of Clearwater, FL


How to Get Started and Online

Getting started with Result Point® couldn't be easier. All you need is access to the Internet. You can easily set your customers up with a Result Point® account and they will be able to access their data 24/7. Your client's Result Point® account is secured by the username and password that you provide. The site is also secured with an electronic server certificate that transmits all data encrypted for additional security.

Result Point®

  • Offers your clients 24 hours/7 days a week, real-time access to their data
  • Provides true interactive access to Sample Master® or TITAN® database
  • Is a value added service to your customers
  • Provides up to the minute access to all your project information - data is available as it is approved
  • EDDs and any special reports are available for instantaneous download at any time
  • All COCs, COA's, Final Analysis & Custom Reports & invoices are stored as PDF's and readily accessible

Data Query

  • QA approved results are transferred electronically from your instruments into the LIMS.
  • Users search by Client or Site information
  • Print preliminary result pages as results become available
  • Search on past reports, view the report access history with username, date and time stamps
  • Result Point® can serve as a data warehouse where you can define the years of on-line data available

Regulatory Limits

  • You can compare your results against federal or state regulatory limits (i.e. TCLP regulatory limits or drinking water standards)
  • Set up permit limits for your clients and indicate which months they are active
  • Results exceeding predetermined limits are highlighted

Administrative Features

  • Users can view the performance of each page of the site with visual tools
  • A news editor allows users to share news information with links to your website
  • New users can easily be set up in the system, and their access level defined
  • Leverages Secure Socket Layer (SSL); all data is encrypted for security purposes
To learn more download the Result Point® Brochure.

Request Point®

Request PointRequest Point® is a secure web portal that allows remote access for test requests and sample login via the Internet or Intranet. This LIMS Kiosk allows your customers access to your laboratory around the clock. Request Point® can be used internally or externally to submit orders/requests directly into the LIMS. The laboratory is notified of the request in real time and the LIMS can pre-log the order.
Clients can login samples and request tests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows the laboratory to prepare for large orders and know which samples are en-route to the laboratory. The system allows customers to review the status of their orders submitted online and view their history of past orders. With the power of remote login, the order process is streamlined for both laboratories and their customers. Customers can view the analysis status of their orders in Result Point®, print preliminary reports and view data as it become available (Via XML reports created on the fly). Customers can also download reports in PDF, XLS, DOC, image format, etc., and access their sample status, data and reports from virtually anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Request Point® features powerful search options and a permit editor that links to projects, sites, customer sample numbers and much more. This package reduces the number of calls to the laboratory to check on sample status and saves time in printing out reports and invoices, which is accomplished electronically via email alerts and automatic posting to the web portal. These features provide ATL's customers with a savings in resources and time while giving your clients convenience and real time information access.
Request Point® is included with the purchase of Result Point® and includes an unlimited site license that works seamlessly with our Sample Master® and TITAN® LIMS.
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