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ATL has been active in the area of LIMS publications for many years. Read more about key LIMS issues and industry trends.

Computerised LIMS
Christine Paszko, Ph.D. and Jennifer Weller, Ph.D., European Pharmaceutical Contractor, March 2011.

Visualizing LIMS
Kim Waters, Sr. Product Specialist, Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc., PharmaQbD., April 2010.

Enterprise Information Management Strategies, Solutions to be Unveiled At Pittcon
Annette Wilson, Ph.D., Life Science Leader Magazine, January 2010.

Going out on a LIMS
Charles Hindbaugh and Dr. Christine Paszko - Chemistry & Industry, December 2009.

Performing a Needs Assessment Prior to a Technology Purchase Can Save Your Organization Headaches
Laboratory Compliance Insider October 2009.

How Can a LIMS Needs Assessment Save the Laboratory Money?
Christine Paszko, Ph.D., Scientific Computing, August 2009.

Selecting LIMS Successfully
Dr. Christine Paszko and Tiffany Bown, Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc., Laboratory Equipment, August 2009.

Laboratory Needs Assessment Benefits LIMS Implementation
A. Serrero, T. Paczek and C. Paszko. October 2007.

Ten Keys to Successful LIMS Deployment
Christine Paszko, Ph.D., Laboratory Equipment, August 2007

Effectively Defining LIMS System Requirements (Launching a Successful Laboratory Automation Project)
C. Paszko. November 2006. Scientific Computing.Com

Effectively Defining LIMS Systems Requirements (Launching a Successful Laboratory Automation Project)-Spanish Version
C. Paszko. November 2006. Scientific Computing.Com

Information Management Systems in an Industrial Hygiene Laboratory: Unique Challenges, Positive Results
Matthew Abraham, Dr. Christine Paszko and Dr. Eileen Jutras, The Synergist, August 2005

Technical Considerations in Remote LIMS Access via the World Wide Laboratory
W. Ulma and D. Schlabach, Journal of Automated Methods & Management in Chemistry, 2005, Vol 4 p 217-222

Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency through Continuous Quality Improvement and LIMS Automation
Michael Gallinaro and Michael Tucker, Christine Paszko and Kim Skrzecz
Managing the Modern Laboratory, Volume 6, No. 2, 2003

A Benchmarking Study on Information Management Systems for Water Laboratories in South Africa
GJ Broodryk* and WHJ de Beer, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Technikon Pretoria, Pretoria 0001, South Africa Water SA Vol. 29 No. 1 January 2003

Laboratory Automation in a Supplemental Newborn Screening Laboratory
C. Paszko, D. Kolva, T. Miller, P. Ashcraft, B. Walters, L. Sweetman. Journal of the Association of Laboratory Automation, September 2001. Vol. 6

Implementing a LIMS in an Army Corps of Engineers Water Quality Testing Laboratory
E. Turner, C. Paszko, and D. Kolva, Journal of the Association of Laboratory Automation, 2001. Vol 6. No. 5 p.50-55

Considerations in Selecting a Laboratory Information Management System
C. Paszko and C. Pugsley. American Laboratory, 2001.Vol 32. No. 18 p. 38-42

LIMS Enhances Lab Data Quality
Steve Rayburn and Dr. Christine Paszko

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