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LIMS Boot Camp

Intended for LIMS users and system administrators, ATL’s Boot Camp courses provide participants with a hands-on, interactive learning opportunity that expands basic skills and programming knowledge in order to fully leverage their data management investment. Boot Camp is designed to benefit everyday LIMS users, laboratory managers, chemists, microbiologists, IT workers, analysts – any team member whose job involves information technology, reporting, creation of QC charts, data processing, and management.

Hear what our students have to say regarding their LIMS Boot Camp experience:


VIRTUAL Sample Master® (Web) Intermediate Boot Camp: 3 Days

This VIRTUAL course is for Sample Master Version 9 and 10 Web users. Most Sample Master users have successfully completed the initial on-site core training that provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the LIMS functionality. The three-day Intermediate course is designed to provide the everyday user as well as the super-user with a deeper understanding of each feature-rich module. The focus of this intermediate course is to build upon existing knowledge and return users to the workplace equipped with the skill set to leverage the utmost functionality from LIMS and provide maximum benefit. The Intermediate course is a prerequisite for the 2-day Advanced LIMS Boot Camp which is offered separately.

VIRTUAL Sample Master® (Web) Advanced Boot Camp: 2 Days

This VIRTUAL course is for Sample Master Version 9 and 10 Web users. Designed to build upon skills learned in the intermediate Boot Camp class, help students obtain the skills required for modifying core existing DevExpress reports in Sample Master, creating new reports, adding report automation, emailing, and integrating reports with the Sample Master user interface.

VIRTUAL TITAN® Intermediate Boot Camp: 3 Days

This VIRTUAL TITAN Intermediate Boot Camp is a three-day course that will benefit LIMS users as well as QA/QC laboratory managers, analysts (chemists, microbiologists), system administrators, and those IT personnel responsible for supporting the LIMS. This course will also be beneficial for those responsible for reporting, QC charts, and data analysis and want to get the most out of their TITAN LIMS investment. Each attendee will have their own computer and database for hands-on learning.

The course covers topics in the Administration, Business, and Laboratory Layers, as well as the Application Menu and Configuration Utility. With a special focus on the Laboratory Layer, participants will be led through a typical workflow, from the creation of a quote to sample login, analysis, QA/QC, final reporting, invoicing and sample disposition. Users will also learn how to leverage the data mining tools built into TITAN and participate in laboratory exercises that will allow them to experiment and learn new data analysis techniques.

VIRTUAL TITAN Advanced Boot Camp: 2 Days 

This VIRTUAL TITAN Advanced Boot Camp is a two-day course that is designed to build on the skills learned in the Intermediate course and focus on teaching advanced capabilities in the LIMS. The focus will begin on designing custom reports, users will review the key steps to creating a new report. The course will then look at a number of advanced topics that will help students unleash the power of TITAN in terms of the flexible and dynamic configurability of the LIMS.