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Training Programs

ATL strongly believes the value of knowledgable administrators and end users, therefore we provide routine and custom training programs in order to educate customers with the skills needed to leverage the data management investment. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, or to request a demo.

Public Training: LIMS Boot Camp
ATL's public training - which targets LIMS administrators and advanced users - is comprised of a three-day Introductory Course followed by a two-day Advanced Course, offered in Pinehurst, NC near our corporate headquarters. Learn more about Boot Camp.

On-site Core Training
On-site training is designed to suit specific laboratory requirements and schedules, and includes a combination of hands-on tutorials and demonstration training utilizing professional manuals and a qualified trainer.

Remote Web Training
Remote web training provides a convenient, efficient, tailored method to meet a customer's requirements; all that is needed is a telephone and a computer with internet access.

ATL is especially proud of our Webcasts, which focus on providing clients with additional knowledge on a variety of topics and are web-based for convenience and efficiency. To view our archive of webcast, please visit our webcast archive page.


ATL offers virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses for Sample Master® and TITAN® LIMS

ATL is excited to offer virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses for ATL Sample Master® and TITAN®. These courses are taught exclusively online and the goal is to emulate a traditional classroom environment without the travel and time costs. One of the benefits of vILT courses is the ability to break up the class in 1-2 hour sessions and schedule these sessions over a period of time. This allows students to get the benefits of live instructor-led training and the flexibility of mixing the training in with the flow of the student’s normal work schedule. All sessions will be recorded – a benefit when schedules change unexpectedly or if students want to review certain sections of the training.

“I choose to learn from the best and I believe ATL's team of instructors is just that. Joanne is a great teacher and in just five short meetings, I was able to gain skills that I will be able to utilize throughout the rest of my career. I gained much more from the course than I anticipated -- and I had high expectations. The vILT courses are very convenient. For those who can't travel to boot camp held in NC, it provides as a viable alternative. I was also highly satisfied with the technology used in the course. I look forward to more vILT courses in the future!”
-J.H. Charles County (MD) Dept of Utilities


Sample Master® Report Writing Course

Course Summary
The Sample Master® Report Writing Course will allow students to obtain the skill set required for modifying the core existing reports in Sample Master®, creating new reports, automating reports, emailing reports, and integrating reports with the Sample Master® user interface.

Course Curriculum

Session Topics Covered Sessions Date/Time
Session #1 Basic Report Design Concepts, Sample Master® Basics, the Master Query, Report Soup Starters Tuesday, Jan 8
1:00 - 3:00PM EST
Session #2 Retrieving Data by Using Queries, Basic Query Concepts, The Query Design View, Creating a Select Query Thursday, Jan 10
1:00 - 3:00PM EST
Session #3 Creating a Query with Multiple Tables, Creating a Totals Query, Creating a Parameter Query, Creating Access Reports with Report Wizards, The Report Design View, Reports Design Toolbox and Reports Controls Tuesday, Jan 15
1:00 - 3:00PM EST
Session #4 Report Print Setup, Modifying an Existing Report in Report Design View, Organizing the Report (Headers, Footers, Sorting and Grouping), Creating Subreports Thursday, Jan 17
1:00 - 3:00PM EST
Session #5 Adding Your Custom Report to the Custom Reporting Function, Replacing Core Sample Master® Reports with Custom Reports on Form Ribbons, Using and Adding Custom Report Switchboards, Automating and Emailing a Sample Master® Custom Report Tuesday, Jan 22
1:00 - 3:00PM EST

Upon completion of this class students will have:

  • The ability to rapidly generate, automate and email reports using LIMS data
  • The ability to integrate custom reports into the Sample Master® interface
  • Hands-on experience in creating reports
  • A student workbook with step-by-step instructions for future practice and review

Who Should Attend?
Experienced Sample Master® LIMS users wishing to customize data reports. The requirements for this course include an understanding of the Sample Master® User Interface, LIMS data setup, and a basic understanding of Microsoft Access database objects (Tables, Queries, Reports and Macros). The Intermediate LIMS Training (Boot Camp - 3-Day Class) is required. Waivers may be available with those that can demonstrate the appropriate skill set.

Pricing and Registration
The price of the Sample Master® Report Writing course is $1,295 per student. This includes the cost of student materials and all administrative costs.

To register for this course, please click here: vILT Course Registration Form.

Download the brochure for the Sample Master® Report Writing Course and sign up today!

Understanding QA/QC in Sample Master®

Course Summary
Understanding QA/QC in Sample Master®  will focus on teaching fundamental skills in using Sample Master® LIMS to set up and perform a number of functions including:

  • Configuration of QA/QC needs on the test
  • Configuration of QA/QC parameters
  • Setting acceptance limits for QA/QC
  • Making QC batches
  • Entering QC results
  • Using QC results to calculate new acceptance limits
  • Charting QC results

Course Curriculum

Session Topics Covered Sessions Date/Time
Session #1 Introduction to QA/QC, Setting up QA/QC
Configuration of QA/QC needs and parameters
Working with QC Batches and Results
Tuesday, Feb 19
1:00 – 3:00PM EST
Session #2 Using QC results to calculate new acceptance limits
Charting QC results, Learning to calculate and display control charts
Thursday, Feb 21
1:00 – 3:00PM EST

Upon completion of this class students will have:

  • The ability to optimize the setup of a variety of QA/QC functions within Sample Master® including QC types, QC roles, surrogates, and QC calculations.
  • The ability to create more advanced QC tests and QC batches.
  • The ability to create specialized calculations (ex: percent recovery, relative percent difference, surrogate percent recovery).
  • A complete understanding of the control charts function in Sample Master® from creation to calculations to the use of the control limits function.

Who Should Attend?
Sample Master® LIMS users responsible for or involved with QA/QC and data quality/integrity. Also, laboratory managers and assessors wishing to enhance their understanding of the QA/QC functionality within the application. This includes having a basic understanding of calculating control and warning limits and control charts. It is recommended that students have a basic understanding of quality assurance and quality control.

Pricing and Registration
The price of the Understanding QA/QC in Sample Master® course is $595 per student. This includes the cost of student materials and all administrative costs.

To register for this course, please click here: vILT Course Registration Form.

Download the brochure for the Understanding QA/QC in Sample Master® and sign up today!

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